Communicate Your Message Safely During Campaign Season!

What a great showing at Thursday's Voter Mobilization Press Conference!  Thanks so much to everyone for coming, and please feel free to the fabulous photos here (“Like” us while you’re at it!).

Now, we have some more exciting events coming up.


First, next Wednesday, October 24th, at 12:30pm, we’re holding a very exciting lunchtime webinar with an expert trainer from Alliance for Justice.  This one-hour webinar, Communicating Your Message (Safely) During Campaign Season...and Beyond,” will give tips on the rules for how non-profit organizations can safely communicate with the public and candidates about pressing issues in their community.  Sign up for this free webinar here!

Second, next Saturday, October 27th at 10:30am, volunteers will be join us for Get Out the Vote Saturday, where we’ll be contacting our 4,500 newly-registered voters and remind them about the upcoming elections!  Can we count on you to join us?

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