Election Day 2014: 12,600 door knocks


What a day. If you haven't heard from our team in a while, there's a very good reason: late this summer, we were selected as one of five national organizations to participate in a massive voter registration and mobilization project with Project Vote and the Analyst Institute.

It has been a mad sprint since we started the 25-person canvass operation in August, all the way to this past Tuesday, when Get Out the Vote efforts culminated in 100 staff members knocking 12,000 doors.

All told, the Long Island Civic Engagement Table has registered 3,000 new voters in Black and Latino communities across Long Island this year, bringing our three year total to 12,000 new voters!

As part of this year's partnership with Project Vote, we were able to hire and train a team of 40 full- and part-time Long Island staff, training them on the fundamentals of organizing and the issues we have at stake in this crucial election year – issues like the DREAM Act, raising the minimum wage in New York State, and winning full funding for public education.

That incredible canvass team – led by Raul Preciado of Make the Road, Steve Wieser of NYCC, and Casey Willits of LICET – contacted 30,000 African-American, Latino, and immigrant Long Islanders to get them out to vote. We had conversations on their stoops twice throughout the fall and, this past Tuesday, we met at our temporary office in Amityville at 5:00 AM for one last pass: 100 staff, 11,000 doors, and a whole lot of lunch bags.

Congratulations to everyone who was a part of the effort, and check out a few photos from the team below. While there's no denying this was a tough election for the progressive agenda in New York, we never thought this was would be easy. Grassroots, door-to-door organizing like this is exactly how we're boosting voter turnout, building power, and demanding accountability from our elected officials, from the New York State Senate to congress and beyond. This year's election is over, but we're just getting started.

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