Fed Up with Inaction on Immigration Reform, LI Immigrants Vow to Hit the Streets — and the Polls



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Fed Up with Inaction on Immigration Reform, LI Immigrants Vow to Hit the Streets — and the Polls

Local Immigrants and Allies Join National Day of Action on Immigration Reform

Brentwood, NY — Scores of immigrants and their allies from across Long Island gathered in this vibrant immigrant community today to demand action from the House of Representatives and the President on immigration reform. Warning that there would be electoral consequences for failing to take action, they vowed to register thousands of voters to make sure that immigrant and Latino voices are heard this November. (Photos available upon request.)

This action was in conjunction with the “National Day to Stop Separating Families,” a series of actions across the county calling on both the President and the House of Representatives to take action to fix the nation’s broken immigration system.

Though House Speaker John Boehner and President Obama have both claimed they want to move reform forward, they have failed to take action. Speaker Boehner has refused to allow an immigration bill to come to a vote in the House, despite support for reform from members of both parties. President Obama has failed to use his executive powers to stop the tide of more than 2 million deportations that has happened under his watch, more than any other president in American history.

Teresa Farfan, an immigrant and member Make the Road New York, said, “We know that the House has failed us. Now everything depends on the President. So far he has failed to take action. He is permitting hundreds of deportations every day and putting people in limbo in a broken immigration system. Today we are starting a wave of civic commitment with a clear message: Act now to keep our families together!"

Maryann Sinclair Slutsky, executive director of Long Island Wins, said, “For our movement, all options are on the table for immigration reform. One way or another we will win dignity and justice for our families and communities this year. We aren’t giving up on legislation; we’ve just given up on the House to do anything. And now, we’re going to American voters’ doorsteps, starting with President Obama.” 

Pat Young, program director of CARECEN, said, "The House leadership has failed completely during Speaker Boehner's tenure, to address the universally felt need for immigration reform. President Obama can no longer wait for Congressional foot-draggers to take action. He must act immediately to halt the destruction of families through deportation."

Erika Brooks, a member of SEPA Mujer, said, “Congress has failed to act on immigration reform. Now the President needs to act. Don’t underestimate us. We’re a strong community, and our disappointment will be shown in the upcoming elections."

Steven Choi, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition, said, "In Long Island, across New York and the nation today, immigrant communities are coming out to say that enough is enough. Our families are unable to wait any longer while Congress continues their political pandering, and it is time for President Obama to act now to stop separating families, halt these needless deportations and find a way to provide relief. Long Island's immigrants have been key parts of the community and vital to Long Island's economy, and yet they live in fear of deportation everyday. From Babylon, Long Island to Buffalo, we will not stand for this injustice."