LI Immigrants Call on Pres. Obama to Go Big on Immigration Relief



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LI Immigrants Call on Pres. Obama to Go Big on Immigration Relief

As organizations and community members across the country continue to press for action to fix the country’s broken immigration system across the country, organizations on Long Island join the call for immediate action to keep immigrant families together.

In the wake of the failure of the House of Representatives to act on comprehensive immigration reform,  President Obama recently announced plans to review immigration practices and priorities and take action on his own authority. Organizations on Long Island encourage the President to act quickly, and to use all of his executive authority to address as much of the problem as possible.

Maria Magdalena Hernandez, an immigrant and a member of Make the Road New York, said, "The failure of Congress to fix our broken immigration system is truly frustrating. We now see that the voice and will of the people are not being heard. Suffering, exploitation, and abuse will continue in America's communities. President Obama, the time is now. Our community voted for you because you promised to pass immigration reform. You can and should stop deportations from separating our families.”

Pat Young, program director of CARECEN, said, "President Obama is moving in the right direction with and executive order on immigration. He needs to include as many immigrants as possible to address the problem the House of Representatives has ignored."

Martha Maffei of SEPA Mujer said, "Latina Immigrants across Long Island welcome the President’s announcement and urge him to act quickly and to provide the broadest possible relief. It is far past due and families are suffering as a result of the House of Representative’s inaction and the continuing deportations."

Victoria Daza, organizer with Long Island Jobs with Justice, said, "As an organization that works with undocumented students and families, we are far too familiar with the tremendous barriers to employment and education. Hardworking families make the best of their limited resources to create a future for themselves and their loved ones. Many times this means working multiple low wage jobs, fear of deportation of themselves or family members, and an increased risk of exploitation due to undocumented status. We urge President Obama to keep his promise of comprehensive immigration reform, and stand for the dignity and future of all hard working people in this country.”