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    Language Access Executive Order: Thank You Steve Bellone!

    Great news!

    County Executive Steve Bellone has signed an executive order ensuring free translation and interpretation to limited-English proficient (LEP) residents of Suffolk County in their interactions with county agencies. 

    This is a massive civil rights victory for Suffolk County, and we applaud County Executive Bellone for showing tremendous leadership on this issue!  Please sign the petition to say thank you!

    This Order ensures that all county agencies will:

    • Translate essential public documents and forms into the top six languages spoken by LEP residents of Suffolk County;
    • Provide interpretation services to all LEP Suffolk residents;
    • Designate a language access coordinator and draft plans for complying with this Executive Order in the next 90 days; and
    • Provide the County Executive's office with annual reports detailing their compliance with the Executive Order.

    The order also prohibits county agencies from 1) considering use of language access services to be a basis for inquiring about confidential information, including immigration status, and 2) inquiring about or sharing confidential information, including immigration status.  This final provision will have implications far beyond language access in beginning to renew the trust between immigrants and county agencies, especially the police.

    This action is the direct result of a coordinated campaign by the Long Island Civic Engagement Table, the Long Island Language Advocates Coalition, Make the Road New York, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, the Long Island Immigrant Alliance, the Center for Popular Democracy, SEPA Mujer, the Empire Justice Center, and New York Communities for Change. Together, we showed how active community members, effective organizers, and responsible leaders can work together to make our county a safe and welcoming place for immigrants and LEP residents.

    This makes Suffolk County one of the first suburban US counties to implement such a policy.  After years of anti-immigrant politics in Suffolk County, this historic victory opens up the doors of government to all, regardless of their primary language or country of origin

    Please take a moment to sign the online petition to thank County Executive Bellone for his leadership!  Change takes courage, and we must celebrate elected officials when they stand up for the rights and needs of immigrants everywhere.  So, please sign the petition!

    76 signatures

    Dear County Executive Bellone,

    I applaud you for signing a historic executive order to guarantee language access services for limited-English proficient (LEP) residents of Suffolk County.  For too long, LEP residents have struggled to communicate with county government officials--whether in precincts, county health centers, or social service offices.  I am thrilled that you are taking leadership on this critical equal rights issue and ensuring that Suffolk County government works for all of its residents. Thank you for taking this important step towards making Suffolk County a better place for all its residents, regardless of the language they speak or the country from which they hail.

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  • 58 Days 'Til Voter Registration Deadline--Join Us Tuesday!

    Thanks to the work of many fabulous fellows, interns, and volunteers like you, we've completed over 1600 voter registrations complete--taking us half of the way to our voter registration goal! 

    But there are only 58 days left until the voter registration deadline, so we need your help to reach the finish line and ensure that members of our communities can vote in November!

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    Meet Our Movement Building Team!

    The voter registrations keep pouring in--our amazing team of Movement Building Fellows and interns has now registered over 1,200 voters in a matter of weeks!  Who are these rising stars, you ask? 

    Below are biographies (and fun facts) for the emerging leaders who've been working with us as part of our Movement Building Fellowship Program, a five-month program for Long Island residents interested in community and electoral organizing to increase the participation of immigrants, African-Americans, and Latinos in the American democratic process.

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  • published Check Out Our New Press Packet in Press Clips 2012-07-29 21:16:05 -0400

    Check Out Our New Press Packet

    Friends, check out our new press packet, which highlights selected press coverage since late 2011.  We hope you enjoy! 

    Press PDF

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    We've Registered over 1,000 Voters--now help us get the next thousand!

    Two pieces of great news! 

    (Hay una traducción debajo de este mensaje.)

    First, after registering 124 voters at the amazing Puerto Rican / Hispanic Day Parade, the Long Island Civic Engagement Table’s fabulous team of Movement Building fellows and volunteers has now registered over 1,000 voters since early JuneWe want to extend a special thanks to all those remarkable people who have come out to help us register people in their community and increase participation among working-class people of color on Long Island.  

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    Join us for Tuesday's Voter Registration Training!

    This year is an enormously important election year—both at the state and federal level.  But too many people in our communities remain disengaged from the political process.  Our challenge: registering and mobilizing thousands of voters to make our communities’ voices heard.

    But what’s the most effective way to register voters?  And how can we develop enough people power to register thousands of people in our communities?  And how can we build a strong enough team to be successful?

    We're holding a two-part training (June 12th and June 19th) will help you answer all of these critical questions. 

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  • Brentwood School Board Election Results

    Thank you so much to everyone who came out and volunteered their time to join our Get Out the Vote efforts for the Brentwood school board elections! 

    The election results are now in, and the winners were Gail Kirkham, Keith Allison, and Ana Martinez.  Though our work is strictly non-partisan, it bears mention that, for the first time, a majority of the Brentwood school board will now be people of color.   To read more about the election, click here for Long Island Wins' coverage.

    Thanks again to everyone who joined to help Get Out the Vote!


  • Newsday Coverage: Brentwood School Board Candidates Seek Change

    Brentwood school board incumbent Gail Kirkham and newcomers Ana Martinez and Keith Allison told roughly 140 people at a public board of education candidates’ forum [co-hosted by the Long Island Civic Engagement Table] Wednesday night that they are running as a slate partly because they want a change in leadership that better embraces Brentwood’s diverse population.

    “I’m tired of what’s happening at the school board,” Allison said. “There’s infighting, back biting. There’s an image that our children are not learning and not achieving, and that’s not true.”

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    150 strong at School Board Candidate Forum!

    What a show of community support last night!  As part of our efforts to mobilize Brentwood residents around the upcoming school board elections, we held a candidate forum that focused on issues of diversity, school finances, and the school environment.  With wonderful community representatives sharing the stage with the candidates and asking excellent questions, and a remarkable 150 people in attendance, the event was a huge hit! 

    Check out photos of last night's big event here!

  • Help Get Out the Vote for Brentwood's School Board Election

    Dear friends,

    (Hay una traducción debajo de este mensaje.)

    Election season in Brentwood is heating up!  In only a few short weeks, the largest school district on Long Island will be electing its school board.  But, all too often, communities of color have been ignored in this district, despite being the majority of the population.

    That’s why we are getting started this Saturday to mobilize as many voters as we can! Can we count on you to join us to contact Brentwood residents about this critical election?  If so, please click here and RSVP.   Here are the details:

    What: Get Out the Vote Canvass

    Where: 1090 Suffolk Avenue, Brentwood, NY

    When: Saturday, May 5, 11am


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  • AOL Latino: Masiva Campaña para Registrar Votantes Hispanos

    Por David Ramirez, AOL Latino (lea el articulo original aqui)

    Al menos quince organizaciones de jóvenes y grupos comunitarios lanzaron en Nueva York una masiva campaña para registrar votantes de cara a las elecciones presidenciales de noviembre en la que el voto latino podría ser decisivo.

    "Este es el comienzo de una larga campaña para asegurar que nuestras comunidades expresen su poder en las elecciones de 2012", dijo Daniel Altschuler, coordinador de la Mesa de Participación Cívica de Long Island (LICET), una coalición de organizaciones no partidistas que defiende los derechos civiles.

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  • Newsday: Groups Push to Register Minorities to Vote

    By Víctor Manuel Ramos, Newsday

    Several dozen advocates and volunteers from minority community groups launched an effort to register more blacks and Hispanics to vote at a Brentwood gathering on Thursday, where many said the only way their communities will earn respect is by turning out to the ballots.

    Among the key issues where they would like to see local officials, legislators and national candidates be more responsive are increasing the minimum wage, passing immigration reform that would help the undocumented and help low-income families facing foreclosure, they said.

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  • Newsday Video of Voter Registration Launch!

    Thanks so much to all who joined us for our voter registration launch.  Check out Newsday's excellent video coverage!

  • published Join Our Voter Registration Launch! in Home 2012-04-08 23:37:42 -0400

    Join Thursday's Voter Registration Campaign Launch!

    Dear Friends and Supporters,

    We'd love to have you join for Thursday's event, where we will be launching our coordinated voter registration campaign--various local groups will join together to register voters in downtown Brentwood and highlight their efforts at a press conference. Click here for details and to RSVP!


  • ADVISORY: LI Workers and Students of Color Join Together to Register Voters

    April 08, 2012
    Contact: Daniel Altschuler


    April 8, 2012

    For Immediate Release

    Excuse Cross-posting

    Contact: Daniel Altschuler, Long Island Civic Engagement Table: 917-494-5922

    Workers and Students of Color Join Together to

    Register Votersand Make Sure Their Voices

    Are Heard in 2012 Elections

    What: Press Conference of youth, labor, and community organizations of color to register voters in support of access to education and fair wages for all. Following the press conference, groups will register voters on the streets of Brentwood—video / photo opportunities available.

    When: Thursday, April 12, 12pm

    Where: Ross Park, Brentwood (on Brentwood Road, just south of Suffolk Ave. / County Road 100). Parking available in adjacent parking lot.

    On Thursday, April 12, youth, labor, and community organizations will join together to launch a coordinated voter registration campaign to raise their communities’ voices in advance of the 2012 elections.   Focused on the need for improved access to education and fair wages, these organizations will announce their voter registration efforts and begin to register voters in downtown Brentwood.

    With important legislative proposals like the DREAM Actand a minimum wage increase currently being debated in Albany, these organizations are coming together to support immigrant students’ access to higher education and workers’ right to a decent wage.  By registering voters in communities like Brentwood, these organizations will continue to build the power necessary to win progressive change on these issues and to ensure political representation that better reflects the needs of people of color.

    Thursday’s event, organized by the Long Island Civic Engagement Table, will feature speakers from various organizations, including Make the Road New York, New York Communities for Change, the Long Island Immigrant Alliance, the Central American Refugee Center (CARECEN), NAACP, Youth Enrichment Services, Local 1102, and SEPA Mujer (Services for the Advancement of Women).

    *          *          *

    The Long Island Civic Engagement Table (LICET) seeks to transform the culture of civic participation and government accountability on Long Island.  LICET does this by nurturing grassroots participation and leadership in working-class communities of color.  LICET, led by Make the Road New York, New York Communities for Change, the Long Island Immigrant Alliance, and CARECEN, seeks to work with these communities to turn the tide of anti-working class and anti-immigrant politics and build a common platform for low-income people. 

  • published New York DREAM Legislation in Campaigns 2012-04-08 22:43:37 -0400

    Support New York DREAM Legislation!

    Support New York DREAM legislation for equal access to higher education! 
    Several core LICET members--Make the Road New York, Long Island Immigrant Alliance, and the Central American Refugee Center--are working on passing the NY DREAM Legislation, which would provide undocumented students financial resources to attend a college or university of their choice. The NY DREAM Act would provide state aid know as Tuition Assistance Program  and the DREAM Fund would provide money from the private sector both bills are for higher education. 

  • Redistricting Press Conference Photos and Video

    Ted Hesson, Long Island Wins  (Full video and photos from our press conference available here!)

    Community leaders gathered in Brentwood today to call for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to veto proposed district maps that would fracture the voting power of black, Latino, and immigrant residents on Long Island.

    Representatives from groups like the NAACP, Make the Road New York, and 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East gathered symbolically along a district line that would cut through the Brentwood community, demanding that the governor reject gerrymandered district maps.

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  • published Redistricting Press Conference Photos in Home 2012-03-17 14:30:12 -0400

  • Brewington and Altschuler Times-Union Op-Ed: Let Electoral Maps Protect State's Diversity

    Albany Times Union

    By Frederick Brewington and Daniel Altschuler

    What is New York's legislative task force on redistricting hiding?

    LATFOR, as it's known, delayed releasing its draft state legislative maps until late January, compressing the time for public review. It then held the first hearing only two business days later.

    LATFOR still hasn't released drafts of the state's new congressional districts, and it has again delayed releasing revised maps for the Legislature.

    LATFOR's dawdling gives opponents less time to respond. It amounts to an intentional effort by legislators from both parties to force problematic maps down our throats.

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  • Cuomo Caves on Redistricting, But Fight Not Over Yet

    By Ted Hesson, Long Island Wins

    Despite having vowed to veto unduly partisan state district district lines, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made a deal with legislators in Albany on Wednesday night, agreeing to permit the existing gerrymandered lines if legislators backed a constitutional amendment that would create a bipartisan redistricting commission after the 2020 census.

    A bipartisan commission, however, isn’t the same as a non-partisan commission, and as long as legislators have significant influence on the redistricting process, now or in a decade, district lines will be geared toward preserving incumbents. Long before election day, politicians in Albany will have decided who will represent you. Amendment or not, that won’t change.


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