Lobbying & Advocacy for Non-Profits: Session 2

What are the rules of the road for 501c3 and c4 non-profits involved in election issues? How can we educate voters, lobby elected officials, and mobilize communities to vote without endangering non-profit status?

Local elections this year will shape the future of our county – from human services, to education, public safety, and immigrants' rights. Our organizations have a stake in these issues. 501c3/c4 status does not mean we need to sit on the sidelines.

This  follow-up webinar will dig deeper into the specific limits and opportunities for 501(c)(3)s involved in electoral activities, including registration drives and candidate forums. We will leave with a toolkit for mobilizing our communities and winning on vital issues.

June 28, 2013 at 12:30pm - 2pm
Online Webinar - RSVP BELOW for Details & Link
Steve McFarland · · 516-366-0259
Judy Sanford Guise Gabriella Cascone Richard Sams Niki Watson Rahsmia Zatar Elizabeth Connolly Robin Bolling Dennis Jones Moises Herrera Don Holden John Moore

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