Seeking Volunteers to Increase Voter Turnout


September 12, 2012

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Contact:  Daniel Altschuler, Long Island Civic Engagement Table: 917-494-5922

Grassroots coalition seeks volunteers to increase voter turnout and foster leadership in working-class communities of color in Suffolk County.  

What: Volunteer opportunity for Long Islanders interested in helping register voters and Get Out the Vote in Suffolk County

When: Ongoing

Where: Suffolk County, especially the Towns of Islip and Brookhaven

As part of an effort to increase civic participation among Long Islanders, the Long Island Civic Engagement Table is leading an initiative to get traditionally underrepresented residents of Suffolk County out to the polls in November and beyond. This non-partisan nonprofit organization is building teams of motivated volunteers to register new voters and lead voter mobilization activities through the summer and fall until November 6.

Volunteers will work in teams and have the opportunity to take on leadership positions in a campaign that will benefit the local community. Volunteers will build skills related to community and electoral organizing, including how to effectively build a network to motivate and mobilize the community. The teams provide a fun and energetic environment for volunteers while making a difference in Suffolk County. Those interested can sign up at

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The Long Island Civic Engagement Table (LICET) seeks to transform the culture of civic participation and government accountability on Long Island. LICET does this by nurturing grassroots participation and leadership in working-class communities of color. LICET, led by Make the Road New York, New York Communities for Change, the Long Island Immigrant Alliance, and CARECEN, seeks to work with these communities to turn the tide of anti-working class and anti-immigrant politics and build a common platform for low-income people. 

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