Update from Hempstead: Change has come

We're operating at full capacity here in Amityville, as we prepare for state and federal elections that are only days a way (more on that soon), but a quick note to highlight the news coming out of Hempstead last night:

Maribel Touré beat Betty Cross nearly 2-1 in last night's special election.

After all the work we did in May, after the fraud, and after an amazing non-partisan Election Day push from our canvassing team, this is huge.

In a race decided by 511 votes, we turned out over 400 voters! This is a big moment for our voter mobilization work, and moreover for the parents, students, and teachers of the Hempstead School District.

Today we start organizing for real reform with a new Trustee – we'll aim for a community meeting to advance the People's Playform the week of 11/10. For now, check out last night's tweet:

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