Build the movement with us!


When Rodman (far right) joined our summer Movement Building Organizers program in June, he was already an inspiring young leader. After a summer of intensive training in grassroots activism, hundreds of new voter registrations, and experience leading work in his community, he was an organizer.

You make that transformation possible, and a lot more – together, we're building power for working class communities of color and immigrants that will fundamentally change Long Island.

Stakes are high this year, with renewed anti-immigrant rhetoric in Suffolk County. Next year, crucial presidential and state legislative elections that will shape our communities for years to come. We need your support now.

$75 or more helps us train more new leaders like Rodman; it also gets you a gorgeous LICET t-shirt! $50 pays for dinner at our next community workshop. Even $10 covers materials for one day of the street outreach that's an essential part of winning immigration reform.

We want to build something even bigger next year – invest in our movement now! Rodman and the rest of us are ready to get to work.