New Report: Fair Redistricting for Nassau County


Our democracy is founded on the ideal that everyone deserves a chance to be heard. But in Nassau County, partisan politicians engage in gerrymandering – dividing communities in order to dilute their voice, and protect political incumbents. The redistricting process in Nassau County is broken: the last three years have been bitterly divisive, plagued by lawsuits and a wasteful, dysfunctional process.

There is a better way to do redistricting. Today, we're releasing a report called Voters First, which we wrote with our partners in the Nassau United Redistricting Coalition. The report lays out the current state of Nassau County's redistricting process and how we got here. Then, we analyze examples from across the state and country of fair, non-partisan, citizen-led redistricting processes and make recommendations tailored for Nassau.

Voters should come first, not partisan politicians. A citizen-led process is right for Nassau County and right for our democracy. Click here to download our report!


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